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Zimo MX648F (6-pin harness) Sound Decoder

0.8A continuous / 1.5A peak
6pin on wired harness
1W audio / 6 Functions
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The MX648 sound decoder from Zimo shares all the same benefits as the larger MX645/MX644/MX646 decoders, but without the built-in energy storage connections, and with 6 AUX function outputs. The advantage is that the MX648 is much smaller, so great for restricted spaces, including many N gauge models, and will work well with most modern OO models too.

The MX648 can have a stay-alive capacitor added, but it must go through SPEIKCOMP circuitry.

Technical Specification

  • 1W audio power
  • 8ohm speakers supported
  • 6-channel output.
  • 0.8A continuous motor output / 1.5A peak for short periods
  • 6 AUX function outputs, max combined 0.5A
  • 2 logic level outputs
  • Servo control line or SUSI
  • 32 MBit memory
  • Railcom
  • DCC, DC-Analog, MM, AC-Analog

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