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Dapol O Gauge Class 08 Diesel DCC Sound, smoke, crew and weathered

Dapol's Class 08 is their 2nd 'entry-level' O Gauge model, following the success of the Terrier, but can hardly be called 'entry-level' really, other than the price, as it is an excellent model. Easy to add DCC sound to, using a Zimo MX644D 21pin decoder, plenty of space for numerous speakers, as well as a decent stay-alive.

For our example here, this is the BR Blue (with wasp stripes), which we have also added a smoke generator, 3D-printed crew figures, and applied some heavy weathering to.

For speakers, we could have chosen all sorts, but decided to go with a pair - a YLR-302815 2W bass box in the nose on the right-hand side (smoke generator on the left), and also a Zimo Dumbo LS40X20X09-1W stuck underneath the removeable hood on top. This combination gives us 3W/4ohm total (connected in parallel), which is the limit of the MX644D decoder.

Our stay-alive is a large 3300uF/25V standard electrolytic capacitor which just fits in at the back of the model's circuit board.

Here is the Seuthe #10 unit, with custom funnel added to fit the Class 08's exhaust vent. The funnel is made of roughly soldered brass strips and DevCon 2-part epoxy to fix. In retrospect it would have been better to shape the internals of the funnel as a cone, as smoke tends to get stuck on the plate of brass as it rises, but the effect is still nice, if a little light on smoke.

Soldered additional wires direct to the model's circuit board (rather than the decoder) for the smoke generator - blue for common positive and grey for the additional function output (FO4, which is the 6th function AUX output since the model already uses 5 outputs for various lighting features)...

Next, some ModelU figures, painted and weathered. We really like these 3D-printed figures, as they have great detail and are easy to manipulate while painting due to the good sprue structures...

Time for the fellas to get in the cab...

All reassembled, and loaded with the correct Class 08 Zimo YouChoos sounds...

Now to apply weathering, primarily with airbrush, but also some Model Mates rust and limescale effects hand-brushed on - some before, and some after the airbrushing (well you can't have a clean 08, can you?!)...


Please note that these guides are provided as useful resources for you, as-is. YouChoos cannot be held responsible for errors in the information, or for any damage caused to your models or equipment if you choose to follow any of the steps detailed here.

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