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Hornby OO Class 66 Diesel DCC Sound

Example 1: Zimo MX645R with LS2040B speaker

Brief photo mini-guide of a Hornby OO Class 66 Diesel, adding DCC sound using a Zimo MX645 and huge LS2040B speaker, as well as cab lights...

MX645 8pin docoder in, and LS2040B speaker in the large empty space. Also drivers and cab lights wired in...

A quick test with the body on reveals that the plastic of the roof is very thin, so the cab lights shine through...

Note the silver foil used to make the cab light reflect back down into the cab, and black paint to block light going through the roof...

Much better - no unwanted glowing roof now!

Example 2: Zimo MX645R with Zimo Dual Dumbo speaker, stay-alive and lights

Similar kit, but different lighting and Dumbo speaker instead...

The model itself is pretty basic and light-weight, but this does mean that we have acres of space to play with for the LS40X22X09-2W Zimo Dual Dumbo speaker.

3x 470uF capacitors for stay-alive added - cheap and cheerful, giving worthwhile backup power. Joined in parallel.

The model comes with no lighting at all, so we'll add a token top light at each end. We use a simple tall white LEDs for this, which will poke through a hole that we will drill neatly out of the plastic moulding. Once glued in, and the glue has fully dried, paint the LED inside with thick black paint to light cannot escape into the cab interior - takes a couple of coats to hide it properly.

Rather than connect these lights via the 8pin plug, we'll unsolder BLUE, WHITE, YELLOW and GREEN wires from the top of the 8pin decoder plug and connect them directly, leaving only the motor and pickup wires still connected to the plug.

Connect up and test motor direction matches what we expect.

We also add independent cab lights, using the GREEN and BROWN decoder wires. All LEDs must be protected by resistors - you can see all of them here, spuring off from the decoder BLUE (common positive).

Everything is now connected - time for a full test.

Tidy the wire up, and replace the body.

The finished article...


Please note that these guides are provided as useful resources for you, as-is. YouChoos cannot be held responsible for errors in the information, or for any damage caused to your models or equipment if you choose to follow any of the steps detailed here.

A bit of YouChoos poster art for your enjoyment!