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YouChoos CT SoundProg - Version History

YouChoos CT SoundProg - Version History - Enhancements and Bug Fixes

YouChoos CT SoundProg

Version History

Software for Windows 2000 or later (including XP, Vista and Windows 7)

V1.0 10th July 2012 Initial Version

V1.1 29th July 2012 FIX: dragging WAV files into blank project causes crash

V1.2 31st August 2012 FIX: dragging WAV files into blank project causes crash (additional to previous fix)

V1.3 1st October 2012 FIX: Corrected calculation of project size inidicator, so it is immediately obvious whether the project will fit into the decoder. Also fixed support for 8-bit sound, which is supported, the same as 16-bit sound.

V1.4 12th March 2013 UPDATE: German langauge option now available (translation by Carsten at 1001-Digital). and new images for decoders.

V1.5 27th May 2013 UPDATE: Used CV49=10 as default for diesel/electric projects, avoiding drop-out of engine sound on halt of motor (thanks to Alfred Nusser for this hint).

V1.6 3rd July 2013 UPDATE: New default for firmware of SL51-4, to enable V7 FillFlash - works on Win7 64-bit and other newer platforms.

V1.7 31st March 2015 UPDATE: Firmware for v130 and v131 SL75, SL51-4 and SL76 as default plus minor bug fixes to import and project image handling.

V1.8 9th March 2016 UPDATE: SL76 firmware v131/127 now working correctly - was not properly installed or referenced in previous version.

V1.10 5th April 2016 File explorer enhanced to refresh on every folder/drive expand.