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GWR Diesel Railcar

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Configuration: Bo-Bo
Prime Mover: AEC
Recordings: W22W Didcot

Available for all current Zimo sound decoders

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F0AUX1/FOfwd + AUX2/FOrev directional lights
F2Horn High
F3Interior lights
F4Horn Low
F5Horn 2-Tone
F7Railcar Clag 1
F9Brake Release
F10Wheel Flange
F11Rail Clack
F12Comms Bell
F13Signal Change
F14Doors Closing
F15Guard's Whistle
F18Horn (Looping)
F19Horn Pip
F20Volume Decrease
F21Volume Increase


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F0AUX1/FOfwd + AUX2/FOrev directional lights
F2Active Brake
F3Horn Pip
F4Horn High
F5Railcar Clag 1
F7Notch Up
F8Brake Release
F9Guard's Whistle
F10Signal Change
F11Comms Bell
F14Wheel Flange
F15Rail Clack
F16Doors Closing
F18Horn Low
F20ShuntingMode+Half Shunt
F21Horn 2-Tone
F24Horn (Looping)
F27Volume Decrease
F28Volume Increase

Function Key assignments listed above are the defaults for this locomotive type. If you would like a different configuration, or features swapping out (such as replacing sounds with others in the YouChoos library, or even your own sounds), then please contact us with your preferences at time of order.

Some sounds in a project may be 'generic', but the key parts of a project are always genuine sounds from the correct locomotive, unless otherwise stated.

Active Braking Option

All Zimo sound decoders now provide a facility called Active Braking. This means that the loco will coast gently to a halt if the throttle is simply backed-off, using the default CVs for momentum, and in addition (CV#3 and CV#4), a dedicated Function Key is defined as the brake key, which will slow the loco at a greater rate (defined in CV#349) - just like the real thing - you have to use the brakes to slow down quickly! The longer you hold the brake key down for, the harder the braking effect.

By default, YouChoos immersiveDrive projects DO include this feature (braking on F2), but YouChoos Traditional projects do NOT define a brake key (they provide throttle-based deceleration, which is traditionally better understood in model railway circles). However, the Active Braking feature can be included/excluded as you wish - please email us with this requirement, together with which Function Key you would like it to appear on (F2 is most commonly used), and we can easily customise the project for your order.

Quick Select Option

Zimo sound decoders provide the facility to switch between 2 engine schemes on-the-fly at the press of a Function Key (normally F5). For example, switching between light and heavy chuffs on a steam loco, or switching between diesel and electric engines on a hybrid (like the Class 73). In fact, the project may have many engine sets loaded, but only 2 are accessible from the Quick Select feature.

Many YouChoos Traditional projects include this feature (primarily steam) and others will be added as projects are updated in the future. All YouChoos immersiveDrive steam projects include this feature where QuickSelect will change from the default of a 'heavy' engine to a 'light' engine, where the chuffs are quieter.

Shunting Option

A Function Key may be defined to activate the Shunting feature, which normally has the effect of reducing the effects of momentum (CV#3 and CV#4) to 1/4 the normal rate, thus accelerating and decelerating is more responsive - suitable for shunting the loco when it is not pulling a load. In addition, we usually reduce the requested speed to half when shunting mode is activated - this is true of all of the immersiveDrive projects, which have this feature as standard, normally on F20.

Where a project includes a light engine feature (see Quick Select above), it can be effective to have the same Function Key activate Shunting.

By default, YouChoos Traditional projects do NOT include a Function Key dedicated for this purpose, but YouChoos immersiveDrive projects do. Let us know if you want its' inclusion/exclusion in your decoder changing at the time of ordering.