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We're excited to announce our new immersiveDrive sounds - next generation roll-up of advanced features for a more stimulating and realistic driving experience!

Available NOW for all projects!

YouChoos specialises in the creation of digital sound projects for Zimo DCC decoders, featuring an extensive library of authentic sounds for British locomotives.

The full range of Zimo digital equipment is available to purchase from YouChoos, as well as many other items to bring your railway to life.

Browse our extensive installation guides to find out how to fit them yourself and be inspired to make your models special.

Use our Quick Helps for the most commonly asked questions

GNR Stirling Single
Sounds & Install Guide
Zimo SACC16 stay-alive PCB
Pre-assembled and tiny
Class 50 Diesel Sounds
includes warm+cold starts
DigiKeijs DR5000 - most flexible and best value DCC command station ever!
PIKO SmartControl
Our favourite mid-range system
Zimo's smallest motor decoder

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