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DigiKeijs DR5000 Command Station

Let the DR5000 be the heart of your digital railway!

With multi-protocol support including LocoNet, XpressNet and Roco Z21 compatibility, this is by far the most flexible DCC command station available in this price range, providing much more than systems much more expensive!

If you have an existing LocoNet or XpressNet throttle, it should plug straight-into the DR5000 too.

DigiKeijs have a huge matching range of accessories to expand your digital railway including everything from accessory decoders, to feedback modules, lighting kits and effects modules. All providing excellent value for money, we expect DigiKeijs to quickly become a leading brand for DCC equipment in the UK.

In its' Roco Z21 compatibility mode you can even connect Roco's free IOS/Android apps to the DR5000 and control through your smart phone or tablet. In this mode you can also connect a Roco Z21 Wifi Maus controller, which is the perfect companion to the DR5000 if you want a simple, yet feature-full handset.

Supplied with a powerful 3.3A 18V PSU (perfect for OO, and smaller O gauge layouts - consider a booster for larger layouts), the DR5000 has everything you need to get started with the Z21 app, or with computer control, supported by all the popular software titles including RocRail and iTrain.

Technical Specification

  • Includes: 1x DR5000-ADJ base unit; 1x USB/Mini cable; 4A PSU switchable; UK/US/Euro Adapters; UK getting started guide.
  • 14V-19V/3.2A track output, expandable by track region with DigiKeijs booster units
  • Programming track output: 19V/800mA (auto-switches)
  • Connection via USB: LocoNet or Xpressnet v3, also for firmware updates
  • LocoNet T port: controllers, feedback modules etc.
  • LocoNet B port: controllers, feedback modules, boosters
  • X-Bus/R-Bus ports: contollers e.g. MultiMaus, Fleischmann ProfiBoss, Lenz LH100, RBus feedback modules etc.
  • B-Bus port: Roco boosters
  • RS-Bus port: Lenz RS-Bus feedback modules
  • ext88N port: S88N feedback modules (max 256 inputs), DR502xEXT bi-directional modules
  • LAN port: 100baseT Ethernet: to local network via DHCP/static
  • Wifi/WLAN: Internal antenna, UDP and TCP for XpressNet and/or LocoNet, configurable via web interface, as router to home network
  • Stop/Go buttons: enable/disable track power output
  • IR-Throttle: Infra-Red receiver compatible with Uhlenbrock IRIS and Piko DigiFerm handsets
  • 16,384 locomotives, with 28 functions
  • Roco Z21 compatibility: Roco Wifi Maus and Roco Z21 IOS/Android apps
  • 126 simulataneous loco control
  • F0-F28 function support
  • Up to 9999 DCC address support
  • Up to 2048 switches
  • Up to 2048 feedback inputs


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