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Zimo MS500 ('R' 8pin on harness, 'F' 6pin on harness and 'N' 6pin direct plug-in) Sound Decoder

Code: MS500

Zimo MS500 Sound Decoder Zimo MS500 Sound Decoder 14x11x3mm
0.7A continuous / 1.5A peak
16V direct stay-alive (up to 1000uF) or more via LifeLink/STACO01
6pin direct plug-in, wires-only versions
1W audio at 8 ohm
4 Functions

Zimo MS500 Sound DecoderZimo MS500 Sound DecoderZimo MS500 Sound DecoderZimo MS500 Sound DecoderZimo MS500 Sound DecoderZimo MS500 Sound DecoderZimo MS500 Sound DecoderZimo MS500 Sound Decoder

Variants / Sub-Products

MS500R'R' Version 8pin plug on wired harness

MS500F'F' Version 6pin plug on wired harness

MS500N'N' 6pin direct plug-in


The MS500 sound decoder from Zimo is their smallest ever sound decoder, packed with all the features you have come to expect from Zimo, plus 4 AUX function outputs for lighting, smoke generators, auto-couplings etc.

The MS500 can have up to 1000uF (16V) added directly for stay-alive, or you can connect more via a LifeLink or STAC01 connector.

An additional +5V common is available for direct connection of LEDs (no need for resistors - dependent upon your LED type of course).

Technical Specification

  • 1W audio power
  • 8ohm speakers supported
  • 16-channel output
  • 11, 22 and 44 khz sounds supported
  • 0.7A continuous motor output / 1.5A peak for short periods
  • 4 AUX function outputs, max combined 0.6A
  • 2 logic level outputs e.g. servo control / SUSI
  • Energy storage support (16V direct up to 1000uF) or more via LifeLink/STAC01
  • 128 MBit memory
  • Railcom
  • DCC, DC-Analog, MM, AC-Analog (NOTE: Mfx is NOT supported in the MS500)

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