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Zimo MX696KS (screw-terminal large scale) Sound Decoder

Dimensions: 69x29x19mm

Motor: 4A continuous / 10A peak

Audio: 4 or 8ohm from 1W up to 10W max

Functions: 8 physical AUX output functions

Stay-Alive: terminals for direct connection, normally supplied with 3300uF/25V (or larger) electrolytic capacitor

The MX696S is Zimo's "long thin" large scale sound decoder, often suited to installing in O gauge steam boilers which are too narrow for the MX699KS.

An adapter board is included in the 'KS' package which simply plugs into the decoder's pins, giving simple screw terminals for all common connections.

When using the screw terminal adapter plate, ensure that the speaker pins are aligned with the LS terminals of the board to ensure correct orientation - check the photos below for confirmation. Also shown in the photos below are the correct terminals for each of the standard DCC wires:

  • RED: track left
  • BLACK: track right
  • ORANGE: motor left
  • GREY: motor right
  • BLUE: common positive +VE 12V for AUX function outputs
  • WHITE: -VE for F0Fwd/AUX1 forward motion lighting
  • YELLOW: -VE for F0Rev/AUX2 reverse motion lighting
  • GREEN: -VE for FA1/AUX3 output
  • BROWN: -VE for FA2/AUX4 output

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