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Roco Z21 Wifi Maus

Roco's Maus product line has been developed over many years with simplicity and easy-of-use in mind. The Wifi Maus is the latest in this range, prodiving cable-less Wifi connection to any Roco Z21 command station, or DigiKeijs DR5000 (in Z21 compatibility mode).

Runs off 3x standard AAA batteries, starts up quickly, and is easy to get your trains running, this is the perfect partner for the DigiKeijs DR5000 command station (our favourite DCC base unit). YouChoos can even pre-configure a DR5000 and Wifi Maus together before shipping if you like!

Technical Specification

  • Includes: 1x Roco Z21 Wifi Maus handset; User manual. (batteries not included)
  • 16,384 locomotives, with 28 functions
  • Wireless connection to Z21/DR5000 built-in
  • F0-F28 functions supported
  • Control of up to 9999 locomotives and 1024 turnouts
  • 100 locomotive addresses can be stored in the database and can be assigned with names (up to 10 characters)
  • Locomotive control with 14, 28 or 128 speed steps
  • Writing and reading of CV values 1-1024 on your locomotive decoder
  • Display with adjustable brightness
  • Rotary speed controller with center position
  • Operated with commercially available standard batteries (3 x AAA)
  • 5 SSID passwords: current password + the 4 last passwords
  • 10 sets of points with 10-character names and 10 points each
  • Firmware updateable


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