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YouChoos Tweak and Drive PC Software

Let's face it, decoders (and especially sound decoders) are complex things with so many options that it can be difficult to understand how to change them to achieve what you want!

YouChoos has developed Tweak and Drive to help with this, providing easy-to-understand controls to tune every aspect of your Zimo decoder. In fact, it supports any DCC decoder, but has specific helps for Zimo.

Tweak and Drive runs on a PC computer with options to connect into a variety of DCC systems including SPROG, DigiKeijs DR5000, ESU ECOS, PIKO Smart, Roco Z21 and Lenz. We even have packages which include Tweak and Drive PLUS either a SPROG or DR5000 - so you know you're getting a great combination!

Click on the thumbnails below to see some screen shots, which show various aspects of Tweak and Drive's facilities...

Tweak and Drive's Throttles can be one of 3 different sizes allowing you to tailor the display to the size of your screen, and how many Throttles you want to have visible at the same time...

Features Overview

  • Zimo Easy re-map of function keys
  • Tune sounds
  • Addressing
  • Motor tuning
  • DC/Analog options
  • Zimo Input Mapping
  • Shunt settings
  • AUX output set-up for your lights, smoke, auto-couplers etc.
  • Consist options
  • CV change manager - colour coding highlights what is changed
  • Multiple PC Throttles
  • Loco images
  • Runs any DCC decoder
  • Full definitions of Zimo sound decoders supplied by YouChoos are available so you can get up and tweaking immediately!

Supported DCC Systems

  • DigiKeijs DR5000 (in Z21 or XpressNet mode)
  • ESU ECOS (requires ECOS application version to be 4.1 or higher)
  • PIKO Smart
  • Lenz (USB or Ethernet) XpressNet
  • Roco Z21

Download for Latest Version and Release Notes

The Tweak and Drive installer can be download here: Download Latest Software

Full release notes can be viewed here: Release Notes


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Software + SPROG2 + 2A PSU


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Software + SPROG3 + 3.3A 18V PSU


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Software + DR5000 inc 3.3A 18V PSU


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