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YouChoos SuperCap 6800uF

Super capacitors offer huge electrical storage in small packages. YouChoos' SuperCap6800uF is rated at a whopping 6800uF/15V, but measuring only 20x15.5x5.8mm in a convenient flat block shape. Ideal for use with the MX645 sound decoders and any other Zimo decoder that has built-in connectors for a 16V energy storage. It can also be used with other decoders, such as the MX648, but you need to place it into a circuit with a SACC16 pack.

Suitable for DCC systems where the track voltage is 15V or less (most, but probably not large scale).

You can expect between 0.5 and 2 seconds backup time from this capacitor, depending upon the model and what it is doing at the time of power loss.

Technical Specification

  • 15V
  • 6800uF
  • 20x15.5x5.8mm


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