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Be inspired - you could enhance your own models just like the ones listed here!

Example N Gauge Coaches

YouChoos Products

'N' Gauge Coaches

Graham Farish N Gauge Coaches
DCC control of coach lighting, and with passenger aboard!
Dapol N Gauge light-bar-ready Coaches
DCC control of coach lighting and the easiest way to add DCC sound in N gauge.
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Graham Farish Lit and Populated Coaches

Graham Farish N gauge coaches are great models in themselves, but not easy to add lighting to.

YouChoos' example here are created in rakes of 3 coaches, permanently joined by flexible wire with a DCC decoder (CT DCX33) in the brake coach of each rake, together with stay-alive capacitor which gives reliable flicker-free lighting. Pickups (DCC Concepts spring style pickups) are fitted only to the brake coach containing the decoder, so minimal drag.

Each coach contains a 6-LED lighting strip controlled by DCC function, and is populated with lots of busy passengers!

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