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Be inspired - you could enhance your own models just like the ones listed here!

Example N Gauge Diesel/Electric Locomotives

YouChoos Products

'N' Gauge Diesel/Electric

Graham Farish Class 04
Standard DCC conversion.
Graham Farish Class 08
DCC is easy enough, and DCC sound is just about possible too!
Graham Farish Class 14 'Teddy Bear'
A very small DCC decoder required.
Dapol Class 35
A squeeze for DCC sound, but we've done it!
Graham Farish Class 37
Who said sound couldn't be squeezed in?! Sound, cab lights, crew!
Graham Farish Class 42 'Warship'
DCC sound and lights all neatly tucked in.
Graham Farish Class 44/45/46 'Peak'
DCC sound, head/tail lights, cab lights and crew - in an old Poole model - yes it is possible!
Graham Farish Class 47
CT DCC sound, cab lights and crew
Graham Farish Class 52 'Western'
No sound, but everything else - head/tail lights, cab, crew, cab lights.
Farish Deltic Class 55/DP1 Prototype
Yes, the bright blue noisy brute, with DCC sound, lights, cab lights and crew.
Graham Farish Class 60
Standard DCC is a doddle, and DCC sound feasible with some effort.
Graham Farish Class 66
DCC sound fits in fairly easily with a CT micro-cube speaker.
Dapol Class 67
DCC sound in this brute.
Dapol Class 73
Standard DCC easy enough in this ageing model.
Dapol Class 86
Sound in a Dapol? Not a problem sir!
Dapol Class 156 DMU
Dapol DMU with a lift!
Graham Farish Blue Pullman DMU
Deafening sounds with dual sound decoders in the beautifully made Farish Blue Pullman.
Dapol Class 43* HST DMU
A solid model from Dapol with plenty of scope for DCC sound.
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Dapol Class 43* HST DMU

The Dapol HST has a motor at one end and a dummy engine at the other, which means you have options when it comes to DCC sound. With a little effort you can install sound in the motor coach, and at the dummy end it is quite straight-forward, especially as the entire space where the motor would have been is available and empty for a SugarCube speaker, so plenty of volume that end.

Either a single sound decoder can be used, or YouChoos can supply a dual-sound pair of sound decoders, with differing engine sounds each end.

Cab lights and crew are also fairly straight-forward in this model, adding a nice little extra feature.

Ideal setup is to use an MX649N direct plugin decoder at the motor end, which plugs directly in, with the only mod required being to cut down the circuit board screw mounts a little so it sits slightly lower, then a SugarCube7 vertical at the back of the motor car. Dummy with an MX648F (6pin on wired harness), SugarCube9 speaker and a SPEIKOMP stay-alive kit (which is useful in the dummy to avoid crackles since there is not much weight in there).

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