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Be inspired - you could enhance your own models just like the ones listed here!

Example N Gauge Steam Locomotives

YouChoos Products

'N' Gauge Steam

Dapol LNER A3
DCC sound is not nearly as tricky as you'd expect in this great model from Dapol.
Dapol LNER A4
Just like the A3 - big sound easier than you might think!
Dapol Britannia
DCC sound relatively simple using a CT SL76 decoder.
Dapol M7
DCC conversion for this old boy.
Dapol GWR 14XX Tank
No sound, but a very smooth runner with CT DCC.
Dapol GWR Prairie Tank
Another DCC conversion for an old model.
Dapol Terrier
DCC conversion - a job for the tiny CT DCX76z decoder.
Graham Farish LMS Princess
Lots of tender space for DCC sound here.
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Dapol N Gauge LNER A4

Dapol's recent N gauge tender steam models are relatively straight-forward to fit DCC sound into, using the tiny CT SL76 decoder or Zimo MX648!

Some minor modifications to the tender (plastic parts, so no metal cutting or grinding), and you can get a full-sized SugarCube speaker and MX648 decoder squeezed in neatly.

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