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Be inspired - you could enhance your own models just like the ones listed here!

Example OO Gauge Steam Locomotives

YouChoos Products

'OO' Gauge Steam

Hornby 'Flying Scotsman' A3 (Railroad Edition)
YouChoos' most popular model, based on Hornby's robust Railroad edition, very versatile and capable of a huge range of additional equipment.
Bachmann 'Tornado' A1
A fantastic model to begin with, becomes utterly awesome with a huge amount of extra YouChoos-added features possible.
Bachmann S&D JR 7F
Bachmann's beautiful 7F model here with YouChoos treats.
Hornby 8F
8F with goodies.
Hornby 9F
A classic and a favourite, the 9F, here with DCC sound, smoke and some custom detailing and weathering.
Bachmann WD 2-8-0
War Department heavy duty loco reporting for duty!
Hornby Black 5
A very popular model, with everything possible added.
Hornby M7 Tank
Nostalgic, classic, fantastic!
Hornby T9
More Nostalgia, more classic, more fantastic!
Bachmann Hall Class
The ultimate challenge to cram in as much equipment as possible to the Hall Class, including a smoke unit in a replacement white metal chimney
Hornby 'Tornado' A1 (Railroad Edition)
Another solid loco from Hornby's Railroad range, Tornado comes in a variety of guises.
Hornby / Bachmann Patriot Class
A popular loco with YouChoos sound and lights most often added.
Hornby Merchant Navy Class
A hansome loco packed with YouChoos features.
Hornby Bude / West Country / Battle of Britain Class
A wide variation of this style of loco are available, all capable of taking the maximum YouChoos treatment.
Bachmann Wainwright 'C'
Probably Bachmann's prettiest steam loco.
Bachmann LNER D11
Oh, just how pretty is that!?
Bachmann Midland Compound
Another stunning Bachmann NRM special edition.
Hornby 'Flying Scotsman' NRM Special Edition
A top-end model for the top-end enthusiast. Hornby's NRM Flying Scotsman has the space for just about everything.
Hornby A4 Class
A huge range of A4s are available in almost any historic colour, most of which can house a good choice of YouChoos enhancements.
Bachmann Fairburn 2-6-4 Tank
The most popular tank engine enhanced by YouChoos, this beautiful loco provides plenty of scope for those extra touches.
Hornby Thomas The Tank Engine
Every boy's (and some of the girls too!) favourite steamie with an interesting smoke and light installation, and even DCC sound too.
Bachmann 9F
Bachmann's excellent version of the West Country's favourite power-house.
Hornby Stanier Tank
Like Bachmann's Fairburn Tank, this model provides plenty of space to add your favourite YouChoos features.
Hornby N15 King Arthur Class
Small on space, but big on character, the N15 King Arthur Class is one of the best loved workhorses of the south.
Heljan LMS Garratt
One of the most popular new steam models for a long time.
Bachmann GWR Earl Class 3200 Dukedog
What a clever Dukedog!
Hornby GWR 2-8-0
Easy conversion to DCC sound in this workhorse.
Bachmann GWR 2251 Collett Goods
DCC sound squeezed in!
Hornby GWR 14XX 0-4-2T
An old model transformed with DCC sound.
Hornby GWR 72XX 2-8-2T
Simple to fit sound to this basic model.
Bachmann Ivatt 4MT
Not much room in this excellent model.
Bachmann GWR 93XX Mogul 2-6-0
Solid DCC sound conversion of live-split-chassis Mogul.
Bachmann N Class 'Woolwich'
Similar to the N15 King Arthur, this is Bachmann's N Class.
Hornby Britannia Class
Available in a plethora of guises, the Britannia Class usually gives options for all the YouChoos treats.
Bachmann A1 Class
Almost identical to Bachmann's wonderful model of Tornado, other A1 Class engines are all possible with the same staggering spec.
Hornby Hogwarts Express
Not just a cheap cash-in from the movies, the Hogwarts Express is actually a remarkably smart engine, although a bit tight inside can fit some interesting features for sound and lighting.
Hornby 'Mallard' A4
Perhaps the most famous loco of all time? Like all Hornby A4 models, this one can take the full package when it comes to YouChoos enhancements.
Hornby A1/A3
The ever-popular A1/A3 locos always make a great base for enhancement, with lots of possibilities.
Hornby Q1 / C1 'Charlie'
Good ole Charlie is surprisingly roomy, providing a neat home for a variety of YouChoos equipment.
Hornby Schools Class
Another iconic loco, the Schools is a modern Hornby design, just about providing enough space for all the options.
Bachmann GWR Prairie Tank
Another great tank engine from Bachmann with sound and lights added.
GWR Pannier Tank
A good old favourite.
Bachmann Standard 3MT Tank
Mid-sized tanks are always in demand, and this 3MT is no exception, making a great shell to add sound and a variety of lights.
Hornby Fowler Tank
Just to prove that an old dog can learn new tricks, this ancient British-built Hornby Fowler has had a good dose of YouChoos treats.
Wrenn Castle Class
A somewhat unusual engine to put DCC into, but sounds and likes great, albeit with the ancient Wrenn motor - more dogs and old tricks!
Hornby 'Flying Scotsman' USA Edition
Hornby's odd USA edition of the Flying Scotsman, with double-tender and observation car, and of course, the full YouChoos toys.
Bachmann Jubilee Class
A beautiful Bachmann model with YouChoos fit of SWD Jubilee sounds, and DCC Concepts lamps
Hornby Duchess
Here we go again... another 'big' loco, with lots of scope for equipment, and a sound-set very distinctly 'Duchess'-like
South-East Fine-Cast Wainwright 'C'
A fine kit-built loco dosed with extras and a special one-off 'old-wheezy' sound-set
Wainwright 'H'
A kit-built Wainwright 'H' 0-4-4 in all its splendour.
Hornby Princess Class
Another impressive loco from Hornby capable of taking lots of gear
Hornby Terrier
One of the smallest steamers, but DCC sound added, as well as firebox glow and crew.
Hornby J52 Saddle Tank
DCC sound is easier than you think in this little fellow.
Bachmann Lord Nelson
The Southern's most handsome.
Bachmann 3F Jinty Tank
DCC sound using a Zimo MX648.
Bachmann 4F
Pretty engine with great YouChoos Zimo sounds.
Bachmann 4MT Tank
Another great candidate for DCC sound.
Hornby Standard 5MT
Easy DCC sound in this fine model.
Hornby LNER Thompson O1 2-8-0
DCC sound in this fine Hornby 2-8-0.
Bachmann Robinson O4 2-8-0
Bachmann's handsome Robinson 2-8-0 O4.
Hornby B17 'Footballers' Class 4-6-0
Full works possible in Hornby's exquisite B17/6 model.
Hornby Standard 4 / 75000 Class 4-6-0
Everything except smoke in the Hornby BR 75000 Class model.
Kernow Beattie Well Tank
Yes, you can even get sound into one of these little beauties!
Bachmann LNER A2
Solid model from Bachmann, capable of taking all the goodies.
Bachmann J11 0-6-0
One of the best detail and best built models ever made in OO!
Hornby Standard Class 8 'Duke'
Decent modern effort from Hornby.
Hornby GWR 52XX Class
Basic Hornby model transformed quite easily.
Bachmann LBSCR E4
Another exquisite model from Bachmann - a bit of a squeeze, but worth the effort
Hornby LMS Royal Scot
Transformed - an old Hornby model with superb DCC sound, detailing and custom weathering
Hornby LNER Thompson L1
Another transformation - Hornby's model with B1 DCC sound, detailing and custom weathering
Hornby LSWR S15
Fabulous model, involved install, but what a result!
Hornby Class 700 Drummond
Smoke, Sound, Lights - a well designed model, pretty, lots of potential

'HO' Scale

Fleischmann 2-8-4 Tank
DCC sound, smoke and lights in this old beastie!
YouChoos Gallery
Bachmann Robinson O4 2-8-0 / ROD Class 3000

Another fine 2-8-0 locomotive from Bachmann, this time a Robinson O4, fitted with a variety of goodies from YouChoos.

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