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Dapol O Gauge LBSCR Terrier 0-6-0 DCC Sound

Example 1: Brighton - early model

Kit: MX644D; IceCube18X13X11-1W; LifeLink+17000uF SuperCap; Bi-Colour YouChoos Lamps

Dapol's Terrier model in O Gauge is their first low-cost model for this scale as is superb, offering a fantastic product for the price. It is easy to install DCC Sound into, with the provision of a 21pin DCC socket for a Zimo MX644D decoder, and plenty of room in the boiler for a decent cube speaker, as well as a stay-alive too.

In our example, we have used a YouChoos Brick11 speaker with a SuperCap6800uF for stay-alive. The noise supression board of the loco had to be removed in order for it to run properly with the Zimo, but otherwise a very simple installation.

NB we would now use an IceCube28X18X11-2W speaker, and use a SuperCap17000uF connected to the MX644 via a SACC16 or LifeLink kit.

Example 1 Example 1

Example 1 Example 1

Example 1

Example 2: BR Later Example

Kit: MX644D; IceCube28X13X12-2W; LifeLink+17000uF SuperCap; YouChoos Bi-Colour Lamps

Here's another example, a later model, but essentially the same process...

Example 2 Example 2

With the blanking plate removed, we unscrew the 21pin DCC socket to get access to the supression board. This board needs to be removed from the model to prevent interference for the decoder's BackEMF facility. We re-solder the motor wires directly to the 21pin board, simplifying the circuit.

Example 2 Example 2

In this case we decide to put our stay-alive in the side tank, which consists of the LifeLink PCB and a 17000uF SuperCap, wrapped in Kapton tape for protection. Make sure it is properly secured and flush, otherwise it will interfere with the wheel when re-assembled later.

Example 2

A massive 12mm deep IceCube 28X18 spekaaer slides up nicely into the boiler, producing a fantastic sound.

Example 2

A YouChoos bi-colour lamp on the rear, and another on the front finish it off nicely. We have to solder the lamp wires direct to the appropriate feet on the 21pin adapter, as there are no proper solder pads provided in the model for this lighting.

Example 2 Example 2

Example 2

Likewise, we have simplified the firebox glow circuit, removing the flicker-effect board, and including our own protective resistor. We'll use the random flicker effect of the decoder.

Example 2 Example 2

The final wiring - note the 4 wires direct to the 21pin feet... 2 for the white part of the bi-colour lamps, and 2 for the red parts (yellow wires).

Example 2

Completed by adding crew and weathering...

Example 2 Example 2

Example 2 Example 2


Please note that these guides are provided as useful resources for you, as-is. YouChoos cannot be held responsible for errors in the information, or for any damage caused to your models or equipment if you choose to follow any of the steps detailed here.

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