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Dapol N gauge Class 35 with Zimo MS sound and Tramfriebrek motor

Dapol N Gauge Class 35 Hymek with MS Sound and remotored

Kit: Tramfabriek motor; MS490 sound decoder; RE MicroCube 12X8X8 speaker; 2x 470uF Flat Tantalums

The old N gauge Dapol Hymek model is getting on a bit now, with very little scope for DCC sound, but with a remotored model (using a Tramfabriek motor), this opens up a new option.

After fitting the motor, the first thing we need to do is remove the factory PCB and find somewhere reliable to attach track pickups for our decoder. We therefore tap a couple of screw threads into the chassis blocks - you can see the red and black wires for this.

We also rewire the lights with some fresh wires, using more normal DCC wiring colours so we see what we're doing!

The LEDs will need protecting with resistors, so we cut a little bit out of an old PCB with 2 resistors - one will be for the front LEDs and the other for the rear LEDs.

We plan to add a little bit of stay-alive too, so find a place to position a pair of flat 470uF Tantalums, joined in parallel.

Jumping forward now, we have all the kit installed, including a hard-wired MS490 sound decoder and a Rail Exclusives MicroCube 12x8x8mm. The Tantalums connect directly to the MS490's Ground and Capacitor pads (can take up to 1000uF directly without extra components). The rear cab is sacrifed to house the speaker, but we will be able to put the front cab detailing back in.

This is still a tough install, but with the new motor, and the MS decoder, this gives just the results we hoped for.


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