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Hornby LNER B12

Hornby LNER B12

Kit: MX645R; SugarCube24X15X09; SuperCap17000uF

Standard approach for modern Hornby tender models, with 4pin connector to tender and 8pin DCC socket in the back there.

The metal weight in the tender provides space for a 28m round speaker. We try this first to see how it performs, as the installation is quite simple... (shown here is our 2W 28mm round speaker)...

Plug the MX645R decoder in, and connect the speaker wires.

That approach was certainly simple, and performance from the round speaker was acceptable, but we'd like to have a little more bass, as well as add a decent stay-alive, so we make a second approach...

A test fit of a 17000uF SuperCap reveals that it will fit snuggly under the metal weight instead of a speaker.

We connect the SuperCap to the MX645R, cover the cap in Kapton tape for insulation, and put it into place.

In order to get the larger dual cube speaker in, we'll need to cut a hole in the sloping plastic under the coal load. This will of course be hidden again later by the coal.

We keep filing off the sides of the new aperture until the speaker slots through.

With the kit inside, tender screwed back down, we tuck the decoder's wires neatly toward the back and fix the speaker down with some BlackTack.

The coal load simply slots back on top (no modification required). We now have a better sounding B12, and an excellent stay-alive!


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