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Hornby OO Gauge GWR Castle DCC Sound

Example 1: Simple approach with kit in tender

Kit: MX645, LS40X22X09-2W Dual Dumbo, SuperCap17000

The tender of this Castle model is high, and has plenty of scope for this excellent kit, and we don't even need to hard-wire it - simply locate the components and plug in the decoder! A little removal of plastic under the coal load is required, but otherwise a quick and easy job!

Example 1

Alternative speaker would be the IceCube40X18X09-2W, or for a slightly easier fit, the IceCube28X18-2W (any height up pto 9mm).

Example 1 Example 1

Example 1 Example 1

Example 1 Example 1

Example 2: More kit, and decoder in the loco

Kit: MX645; IceCube28X18X10-2W; SuperCap17000; Lamps; Firebox Glow

A different approach here, as we wanted to add front lamps and firebox glow, so we re-use the model's original 4pin connector to join loco to tender, with 2 of the wires still being for pickups, but the other 2 (previously for motor) will be for a bigger speaker in the tender.

Currently has 8pin DCC socket in the tender, which we'll remove in order to swap the wiring around.

Example 2 Example 2

The boiler is largely empty, but we mill a little off the front/top of the chassis to make some space for our wiring to travel.

Example 2 Example 2

MX645 is hard-wired, with the red/black decoder wires spliced into the model's pickup wires, and orange/grey going direct to the motor terminals. We connect the decoder's purple speaker wires into the (now free) other 2 wires going to the tender, which is where our IceCube speaker will be placed.

A pair of yellow lamps are placed on the buffer beam, with wires routed into shallow channels underneath, and up into the boiler area. A firebox glow SMD LED is also included.

Example 2 Example 2

Example 2 Example 2

Tidy all the wiring up, and check that the body fits properly back on. Everything can be tested (without the tender), except for the sound of course, as the speaker isn't there yet!

Example 2 Example 2

The tender is much simpler - we remove the DCC socket, leaving the pickup wires pretty much as they were, but using what used to be the motor wires to connect up the speaker, which is an excellent dual IceCube 28X18X10-2W, fitting neatly cross-ways at the back of the tender.

Example 2 Example 2

All done...

Example 2 Example 2

Example 2 Example 2

Example 2 Example 2


Please note that these guides are provided as useful resources for you, as-is. YouChoos cannot be held responsible for errors in the information, or for any damage caused to your models or equipment if you choose to follow any of the steps detailed here.

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