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Hornby OO LNER K1 class with DCC Sound and lights

Example 1: Sound, Lights all round in a Hornby K1

Kit: Zimo MX645 with Zimo Dumbo LS26X20X08-1W, lamps, firebox glow, MX681 function decoder

This will be a dual-decoder installation with the primary decoder (MX645) in the tender providing motor control, sound and control of lamps on the back of the tender, and a secondary function-only decoder (MX681) in the loco to give control of firebox glow light and front buffer-beam lamps.

First, let's tackle the tender... chop out some of the plastic slope under the coal load to make room for the Dumbo speaker.

Add in the MX645 sound decoder, and a 470uF stay-alive for good measure.

Add a couple of lamps on the back - one red and one yellow for direction and wire up to the decoder's BLUE (common positive) via a resistor and WHITE and YELLOW wires for directional lighting.

Now for the loco... once disassembled, we push out the bulk head and fit a firebox glow SMD LED. The wiring and MX681 decoder will all eventually sit inside the back of this assembly.

The MX681 is tiny, so it should be easy to find a home for it.

To route the wires for the lamps on the buffer beam, we create shallow channels underneath the frame.

It will be very tight for the wires as the boiler is packed with weight, so we also make a channel inside the boiler along the top. We don't want any wires to pinch or snag when the body is put back together later.

Now install the lamps, glueing the wires into the channel we created earlier.

Next we attach the MX681's RED and BLACK pickup wires into the model's pickups, intercepting the wires on their way back to the 4pin plug. Not much space to play with here, so be neat! Connect everything up and test.

Once reassembled, add the happy chappies.

Paint the lamps black to be more authentic.

Add some crushed coal ballast for realism.

Join loco and tender up pand give a final test.

Photo opportunity time...

Example 2: Another Hornby K1, simple DCC Sound and Stay-Alive

Kit: MX645; IceCube28X18X09-2W; SuperCap6800

This time, a TMC-weathered K1 that we are just putting DCC sound into, with as good a speaker, and decent stay-alive, as we can fit in the tender...

SuperCap6800 is covered with Kapton tape and fits neatly under the tender's metal weight.

MX645 is hard-wired (8pin DCC socket removed to give us enough space) and dual IceCube sit on top of the weight. This speaker is fantastic for the size!

All done...


Please note that these guides are provided as useful resources for you, as-is. YouChoos cannot be held responsible for errors in the information, or for any damage caused to your models or equipment if you choose to follow any of the steps detailed here.

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