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Oxford Rail OO Adams Radial with DCC Sound, Stay-Alive and Firebox Glow

Oxford's pretty little Adams Radial gets the DCC Sound treatment here, and we set off ambitious to fit a good stay-alive and firebox glow too...

Kit: MX648 hard-wired; SugarCube7; SACC16 stay-alive board; 3x 330uF Tantalums; Firebox SMD LED; Crew

Oxford have provided a sensible space in the bunker for a decoder, but we're not going to get a speaker in there, and there is nowhere else in the model with any room whatsoever, so the DCC socket must be removed and screw mounts ground down to maximize possibilities for extra kit...

Test a SugarCube9 for space to begin with - looks hopeful, so we'll initially try with that size speaker and see where we get to...

Next we assemble the SACC16 stay-alive kit and place a couple of 330uF/16V Tantalum capacitor on board...

Looks good so far, so we add more Tantalums to test fit... Looks rather tight now, as the decoder and some wiring will have to sit beneath the speaker and stay-alive unit, but we stick with it for a moment...

Use the Dremel to channel a route for firebox glow LED wires to sit in, and glue in place.

So this is the kit that we would like to squeeze into that bunker space - its' a big ask, but let's try it for size...

Remove unwanted wires from the decoder and directly solder the SACC16 connections, and firebox wires - the fewer joins the better. Then cover each part in Kapton tape to protect, and add resistor to protect the firebox LED, covering with heat shrink.

Solder on the pickup and motor connections - this is one of the best design features of the Radial - the little PCB that travels from motor/pickups back to the bunker area, providing convenient solder pads - really neat, and makes the install much easier as we don't have to go anywhere near the delicate parts of the model!

Ok, so time to test-fit it all... fingers crossed... but alas it is just too much kit to get the chassis back in flush, so take it all out again and consider which parts can be shrunk...

Firstly we can swap the SugarCube9 for a SugarCube7 and we also remove one of the Tantalums (we are still left with 3x 330uF though), and with the decoder placed at a slight diagonal across the space, and lightly secured with Black Tack, we are able to get it all snuggly in.

Body screwed back on, we carefully prise off the cab roof in order to get some mucky crew in...



Please note that these guides are provided as useful resources for you, as-is. YouChoos cannot be held responsible for errors in the information, or for any damage caused to your models or equipment if you choose to follow any of the steps detailed here.

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