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Accessory Decoders

Accessory decoders are static decoders on your layout, deployed to control points and lighting features. Some allow control of solenoid-style point motors, and others give fine servo-control for slow-action points. You need a DCC controller that understands how to drive accessory decoders (most controllers other than the very basic ones can do this).

YaMoRC YD8008 CDU Solenoid point accessory decoderYaMoRC YD8008 CDU Solenoid point accessory decoderHigh-current, 8-way accessory switching decoder for solenoidsAdd to basket
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YaMoRC YD8116 light switching accessory decoderYaMoRC YD8116 light switching accessory decoder16-way accessory switching decoder for lighting,
2.5A independent outputs, max 5A combined.
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YaMoRC YD8044 CDU Solenoid point accessory decoder with FrogYaMoRC YD8044 CDU Solenoid point accessory decoder with FrogHigh-current, 4-way accessory switching decoder for solenoids, with Frog switching built-inAdd to basket

DCC Systems, Controllers and Programmers

DigiKeijs DR5000 Command Station
DigiKeijs DR5000-ADJ command station - most connectable DCC central station available including built-in LAN, USB and WiFi, with PSU.
Works with Roco Z21 App and all well-known train controller software (RocRail, JMRI, iTrain etc).
More Information
DR5000 18VDR5000 with 18V PSU

YAMORC YD9401WiFi / LAN upgrade to replace a Digikeijs DR5000`s RM04 outdated Wifi/LAN module.
Expected New Year 2024

Expected New Year

Feedback Modules

YaMoRC YD6016ES-CS (S88N) Feedback moduleYaMoRC YD6016ES-CS (S88N) Feedback module16-channel feedback module - Current Sensing (2-rail) to S88NAdd to basket

YaMoRC YD6016LN-CSYaMoRC YD6016LN-CS16-channel feedback module - Current Sensing (2-rail) to LocoNetAdd to basket

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