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Connectors and Adapters

YouChoos Mini Connectors YouChoos 2, 3 or 4-way mini connector, plug and socket
Pre-wired with flexible decoder wire, colour-coded (2-pin is blue+green, 3-pin is blue+green+white, 4-pin is blue+green+white+yellow).
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ADAMTC 50x25mm
Adapter board for MX644C decoder increasing motor output from 1.2A to 1.8A and giving connection for 16V stay-alive (normally 25V on MX644C)
£20 Add to basket

ADAPLU 55x15mm
Adapter board for MX645P22 decoder increasing motor output from 1.2A to 1.8A
£20 Add to basket

ADAPUS 55x15mm
Break-out / Adapter board for PluX22 decoders - provides convenient solder tabs for all PluX22 aspects
£18 Add to basket

Gaugemaster BPDCC80 Autofrog x3 Pack Automatic frog polarity switches - pack of 3 units £20 Add to basket

DigiKeijs wheel pickups x10 Pack Set of x10 wheel pickups from DigiKeijs - either HO/OO or N Scale £10
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Zimo RSTECK 8pin Plug Individual Zimo 8-pin DCC plug £3 Add to basket

Zimo STIFT6 6pin Plug Individual Zimo 6-pin DCC plug £3 Add to basket

Zimo STIFT22 22/21pin Plug Individual Zimo 22/21-pin DCC plug £3 Add to basket

DIGIKEIJS DR4101 Point Crossing Interface x4 4x points crossing interfaces DR4101 £22 Add to basket

DIGIKEIJS DR4102 Switch Crossing Interface x4 4x switch crossing interfaces DR4102 £26 Add to basket

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