What is a YouChoos Traditional project?

While there are many great new features possible with Zimo decoders, for some it is preferable to keep things simple and 'known'... features like Active Braking are great, and very realistic, but if you are used to using the throttle to brake with, rather than a specific function key to apply brakes, it can be nicer to stay with what you are familiar with!

For that reason, YouChoos will be retaining variants of all projects in 'Traditional' form. Of course, any of the new features can be added individually on your request, and many are possible by CV changes afterwards, but this gives you the old-style configuration as a base starting point. Just as any improvements to the sounds themselves have also been reworked back from immersiveDrive into their equivalent Traditional-style projects, many of the driveability features are also made available to Traditional control too, the main exception being that Active Braking is not included by default.

If you have many existing sound decoders, then you may find this especially useful, as all your fleet can remain relatively consistent in operation and function key assignment.

What do you lose by choosing Traditional over immersiveDrive?

Well, nothing really - all improvements made for the creation of immersiveDrive projects have been reworked back into their Traditional counterparts, with the exception of Active Braking, which could be added with CV changes later anyway. The main difference is really to do with Function Key assignments.