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Quick Help - Zimo MS Decoders on ESU ECOS - mfx protocol

Marklin's mfx/M4 protocol is an information-rich protocol, an alternative to DCC. Very few command stations support mfx at present, but starting from the Zimo MS range of sound decoders, support for ths protocol is available.

However, being a newish protocol, there is some variation in interpretation of mfx/M4. In particular we have found that MS decoders do not always like to talk with the ESU ECOS command station using mfx/M4 (which is selected in preferance to DCC if available). This means that you may have trouble trying to register and control MS decoders that have mfx/M4 enabled.

There are 2 solutions to this (at least until the protocol is implemented in a consistent manner in MS and ECOS). The first is to simply disable mfx/M4 support in the MS decoder, which is done by setting CV#12=191. From August 24th 2022, any MS sound decoder purchased from YouChoos will have this disabled as supplied, but if you have an MS loaded before this date, you may need to set CV#12=191 yourself (using DCC to do the CV change, not mfx/M4!).

The alternative solution is to disable mfx/M4 in the ECOS itself, which is done using the steps as shown below...

Enter Settings on the ECOS:

In the Setup1 screen, choose the Track icon on the left:

Switch off the M4 protocol checkbox, and press the green tick to apply:

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