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Here are a few of the many useful resources, forums and suppliers relating to model railroading (in no particular order!), with particular relevance to the enhancements I do. Please note that I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies or organisations, and my work/products are in no way endorsed by any of them either. Zimo - motor and sound decoder manufacturers - the very best in quality, features and robustness. Jerry Clifford Models - an expert in all things model railway related from scratch building to DCC fitting. Jerry has been known to help out at YouChoos with DCC sound installation, but is best known for his award-winning 2mm finescale layouts on the exhibition circuit. Wickness Models - Douglas is an expert in all things DCC, specialising in DCC sound fitting, including N gauge. DCC Train Automation - James is an expert in DCC, specialising in layout automation. DCC Train Automation are stockists of YouChoos sound decoders. DoubleO-Scenics - Manufacturers of affordable static grass equipment and scenics The 2mm Scale Association - An association at the forefront of modelling, with a variety of technical experts as members including Nigel Cliffe, a guru in DCC in small scales, and auto-couplings under DCC control. 1001 Digital - German technical experts in CT decoders, and distributors of YouChoos' CT SoundProg software. DCC Supplies - suppliers of all things digital, loads of knowledge, and great support here in the UK. Vast array of DCC products available and great in-depth understanding of them. Bachmann and Graham Farish - Manufacturer of RTR OO and N scale railway models - you know who they are! Hornby - Britain's most popular manufacturer of RTR OO railway models - needs no more introduction! Dapol Models - Manufacturer of RTR O, OO and N scale railway models - recent releases are really very fine indeed! CT Elektronik - manufacturers of CT decoders - the smallest fully-programmable DCC sound decoders, as well as the smallest standard decoders across all scales.

A bit of YouChoos poster art for your enjoyment!