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About YouChoos
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Who are YouChoos?

Hello! My name is John Gymer and I live in a typical English village in the West Country not too far from the historical city of Bath, called Steeple Ashton. Ever seen "Midsomer Murders"? Well, think that and you're pretty close to the character of Steeple Ashton (but without the murders)!

As well as providing the products and services detailed on this website for modelling, I'm also very much involved in my local church, Queensway Chapel, in the nearby market town of Melksham, being one of the youth leaders there, and am also an active member with 'Good News For Everyone' (formerly the Gideons in the UK).

Model railways have been my hobby for some years now, having started out when my brothers gave me a Hornby OO Flying Scotsman set for Christmas one year. Over time, with the assistance of my son Tommy, we have created a few layouts, each at varying stages of completion (a model railway is never finished!).

The results are great fun and the end products are often breathtaking... to see a loco chuffing along with smoke, sound, lights, flickering firebox, crew, lit and populated coaches on a fully-furnished layout just brings out the little boy in me - if you've ever tinkered with models then you'll have a good idea what I mean!

YouChoos' focus has evolved from modelling to concentrate on British sounds for Zimo Digital DCC sound decoders, and so we generally no longer have enough time to offer commissions or installation services. I also have a proper daytime job with IET too, who are a software company, so YouChoos has been run mostly out of hours, until recently...

From May 2012, my ever-patient wife Samantha joined in the fun.

Now an expert at soldering (and just about everything else too), Sam does most of the sound decoder loading, takes care of much of our stock management, and component making... as well as running the household with our 2 teenagers (I've no idea how she does it, but it is amazing).

In September 2018, Richard Simmons (he prefers 'Rich') joined the team 3 days a week, then full time from June 2019.

Rich's love of model railways is one spanning a life time. He's been kit-building and creating exhibition layouts for longer than he cares to remember, and is chair of the Westinghouse MRC in Chippenham, their most notable creation being 'Midland Sidings' (a fabulous P4 layout).

Rich is a true rail and model enthusiast, his favourite locos being diesel hydraulics. He loves all things DCC, and enjoys the techincal side of modelling, including computer control and automation. He's our resident expert in the excellent DigiKeijs kit.

A bit of YouChoos poster art for your enjoyment!