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Quick Help - DCC/Zimo Wiring Colours

Zimo decoders follow most of the NMRA/DCC standards for wiring colours, so it is simple to understand and always consistent.

REDRight track pickup
BLACKLeft track pickup
ORANGERight side motor
GREYLeft side motor
BLUECommon Positive (normally +12V DC)
WHITEAUX1/FOfwd for forward motion lights (-VE)
YELLOWAUX2/FOrev for reverse motion lights (-VE)
GREENAUX3/FA1 for additional physical function output (-VE)
BROWNAUX4/FA2 for additional physical function output (-VE)
2X PURPLESpeaker output

In practise, it does not normally matter which way around RED and BLACK are connected.

After connecting ORANGE and GREY for motor, if the loco runs the opposite way from what you expected, simply swap the 2 wires around.

It is normal to use the BLUE wire to connect ALL physical devices to, such as lights, smoke generators etc.

Some decoders offer even more AUX/FA outputs for physical features, which work in the same way as the GREEN and BROWN wires. These are normally available via solder pads on the decoder.

Some decoders also offer direct connection for stay-alive capacitors, either by additional wires (BLUE and GREY from the opposite end on an MX645 for example, or solder pads on the MX644). See the QuickHelp on Stay-Alives for more information.

Zimo are the odd ones out in the DCC world when it comes to the BROWN and PURPLE wires... most other manufacturers use BROWN for speaker and PURPLE for AUX4/FA2, so watch out for that difference!

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