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YouChoos/Weller Soldering SolutionYouChoos/Weller Soldering SolutionThe whole kit for soldering electronics, exactly the same as YouChoos uses!
Includes Weller WS81 soldering station, 80W iron, 0.25x14mm Weller electronics bit, stand, flux-cored solder 100g and brass wool tip cleaner.
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Xuron precision adjustable wire strippersXuron precision adjustable wire strippersXuron 501 strippers for down to 26awg (larger than fine decoder wire)
awaiting alternative

Xuron precision flush-cutter micro-shearsXuron precision flush-cutter micro-shearsEssential tool - the same type YouChoos uses!Add to basket

ElectricianUltra high quality'>Electrician's Scissors
Ultra high quality
Top notch electrician's scissors - the same type YouChoos uses!Add to basket

Draper flux-cored solder Draper flux-cored solder Ideal solder for electronics work - the same type YouChoos uses!
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Xytronic brass wool solder refillXytronic brass wool solder refillKeep your soldering iron tip clean with a brass wool cleaner - the same type YouChoos uses!Add to basket

Glues and Adhesives

YouChoos<br>Black Tack<br>1mYouChoos
Black Tack
Permenant but easily reversible bond, great for mounting decoders, speakers etc.
We use this in all of our installations now
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Kapton tape<br>33m length Kapton tape
33m length
Ultra thin electrical/heat-proof tape
for covering components, including decoders.
Either 19mm or 30mm widths
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30mmAdd to basket

DevCon<br>5 Minute EpoxyDevCon
5 Minute Epoxy
Dual tube
Mix as much or little as you need and use within a few minutes.
Dries hard and clear after 5 minutes.
High-temperature rated - suitable for fixing in Seuthe smoke generators.
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UHU<br>All PurposeUHU
All Purpose
Twist & Glue, strong clear adhesive
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Loctite<br>Liquid Super GlueLoctite
Liquid Super Glue
Mini 3g tubeAdd to basket
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