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Connectors and Adapters

YouChoos Mini Connectors YouChoos Mini Connectors YouChoos 2, 3 or 4-way mini connector, plug and socket
Pre-wired with flexible decoder wire, colour-coded (2-pin is blue+green, 3-pin is blue+green+white, 4-pin is blue+green+white+yellow).
MINICON22-WayAdd to basket

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MINICON44-WayAdd to basket

Adapter board for MX644C decoder increasing motor output from 1.2A to 1.8A and giving connection for 16V stay-alive (normally 25V on MX644C)
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Adapter board for MX645P22 decoder increasing motor output from 1.2A to 1.8A
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Break-out / Adapter board for PluX22 decoders - provides convenient solder tabs for all PluX22 aspects
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Gaugemaster BPDCC80 Autofrog x3 PackGaugemaster BPDCC80 Autofrog x3 PackAutomatic frog polarity switches - pack of 3 unitsAdd to basket

DigiKeijs wheel pickups x10 Pack DigiKeijs wheel pickups x10 Pack Set of x10 wheel pickups from DigiKeijs - either HO/OO or N Scale
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Zimo RSTECK 8pin PlugZimo RSTECK 8pin PlugIndividual Zimo 8-pin DCC plugAdd to basket
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Zimo STIFT6 6pin PlugZimo STIFT6 6pin PlugIndividual Zimo 6-pin DCC plugAdd to basket
temp out of stock

Zimo STIFT22 22/21pin PlugZimo STIFT22 22/21pin PlugIndividual Zimo 22/21-pin DCC plugAdd to basket

DIGIKEIJS DR4101 Point Crossing Interface x4DIGIKEIJS DR4101 Point Crossing Interface x44x points crossing interfaces DR4101

DIGIKEIJS DR4102 Switch Crossing Interface x4DIGIKEIJS DR4102 Switch Crossing Interface x44x switch crossing interfaces DR4102

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