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Function Decoders

Function decoders offer ONLY auxilliary/function outputs, and DO NOT have output for controlling motor or sound.

They have a wide variety of applications, but most commonly used to add lighting, smoke, or auto-coupling control to a vehicle that has no motor. For example, many modern steam locos have a DCC decoder socket in the tender, which gives control of the motor, so a separate function decoder can be added in the boiler of that loco to provide control of loco lamps, firebox glow and other special features.

Another common use is to provide DCC control of coach lighting, which is particularly effective where the decoder supports a stay-alive capacitor which helps eliminate flicker.

Zimo MX688N18Zimo MX688N1815x9.5x2.8mm
0.7A 6 Functions


Zimo MX689N18Zimo MX689N1814x9.5x2.1mm
0.7A 8 Functions
Stay-alive possible via LifeLink from pads on reverse
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Zimo MX671 Zimo MX671
0.7A 6 Functions
Available in 6pin direct version (N) or wires only version (wired version includes Ground wire for stay-alive pre-connected).
Direct connection of 25V stay-alive supported
MX671Wires-only (often supplied with 6pin or 8pin plug on the wired harness)Add to basket
temp out of stock

MX671N6pin DirectAdd to basket
limited stock available

Zimo MX686
Zimo MX686
Zimo MX686 20.5x15.5x4mm
1.2A 8 Functions
21pin direct version
MX686D21pin MTC DirectAdd to basket
temp out of stock

Zimo MX685 Zimo MX685 20x11x3.5mm
1A 8 Functions
wires-only version
MX685wires onlyAdd to basket

Zimo MX675 Zimo MX675 25x15x4mm
1.8A, 12 Functions, 2 Servo
wires-only version
MX675Vwires onlyAdd to basket
limited stock

Zimo MX605SL Zimo MX605SL Lighting function decoder for Kato models
MX605SLHeadlight PCB function decoder designed for Kato N gauge models e.g. Class 800Add to basket
temp out of stock
special order

Zimo MX687W Zimo MX687W 28x15.5x4mm
1.2A 8 Functions with stay-alive facility, full feature/power version of MX686
wires-only version
MX687Wwires onlyAdd to basket
limited stock

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