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DCC Systems, Controllers and Programmers

YouChoos Tweak and Drive Software for PC PC Software to manage, tune and drive your decoders, with emphasis on Zimo sound decoders. Single PC license, electronic download, key supplied after purchase.

NOTE: Tweak and Drive software is in final stages of BETA - your purchase will entitle you to upgrade to further beta releases as well as the final launched edition (anticipated summer 2019).
More Information £40-£235
TWEAKJust the software license
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TWEAKSPROG2Software license + SPROG2 + 2A 15V PSU
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TWEAKSPROG3Software + SPROG 3 + DigiKeijs 3.3A 18V PSU
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TWEAKDR5000Software + DigiKeijs DR5000 command station inc 3.3A 18V PSU (good for OO and small O gauge layouts - add a booster for larger layouts)
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DigiKeijs DR5000 Command Station
DigiKeijs DR5000-ADJ command station - most connectable DCC central station available including built-in LAN, USB and WiFi, with 3.3A 18V PSU (good for OO primarily, also ok for small O gauge - consider booster for larger layouts).
Works with Roco Z21 App and all well-known train controller software (RocRail, JMRI, iTrain etc).
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Roco Z21 Wifi Maus handset Roco Wifi Maus connects to Roco Z21 base station or DigiKeijs DR5000 (in Z21 mode).
Quick to start and simple to use - this is our recommended controller to go with your DR5000 command station.
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SPROG Computer Interfaces SPROGs are compact, low-cost solutions for getting your computer connected to your track, ideal for programming CVs and testing, but SPROG3 can even be used for running larger layouts. £22.50-£68
SPROG IISPROG II USB/DCC computer interface, with USB cable (needs PSU >= 15V/1.2A)
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SPROG 3SPROG 3 USB/DCC computer interface, with USB cable (needs PSU >= 15V 2A)

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SPROG NanoSPROG Nano USB/DCC computer interface (connect to your existing DCC booster, no additional PSU required)
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Zimo Starter System.
Includes MX10 command station,
MX33 wireless handheld controller
and NG200 200W power supply.
More Information £TBD

Zimo MXULF-A Zimo MXULF-A programmer, controller and decoder updater.
Supplied WITHOUT a power supply (suggest 16V DC 1A or more)

This is the device required if you want to update firmware on Zimo decoders, or load you own sound projects to Zimo sound decoders.
limited stock
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Zimo MXTAPV Zimo MXTAPV decoder test board - full version (connections for MTC 21pin, 8pin, 6pin, wires, Plux 12/16/22, Next18 + large scale) £65
temp out of stock
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Zimo MSTAPK Zimo MSTAPK decoder test board - for MS small scale decoders (connections for 21pin, 8pin, 6pin, wires, Plux 12/16/22, Next18)
Will work with most decoders including MX.
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Zimo MSTAPG Zimo MSTAPG decoder test board - for MS large scale decoders (connections for MS950, MS955 and MS990, as well as wires, and Plux 12/16/22)
Dual speakers to support testing of dual-output decoders.
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